Healing Circle With Yudy Veras Bueno


Thursday, Feb. 16th


Single Class Fee: $30.00

Healing Circles are a sacred ancient tradition deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous people. This circle is often referred to as the Medicine Wheel. The circle process allows full expression of emotions and channels the energy of those emotions toward positive transformation. Every circle starts with an intention, such as, improving physical health, improving the health of a loved one, dealing with a specific stressful situation, or emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety, cultivating compassion and gratitude.

The circle is encompassing and represents the 7 sacred directions of West, North, East, South, Sky, Earth, and Center, or the 7 Chakras in the eastern traditions. The center of the circle represents the spiritual essence of Self, our Higher-Self, the True Self at the center or heart of every living being.

You'll experience the healing energy of Reiki, and be guided to release stress, anxiety, and fears that are no longer serving you.

To learn more about Yudy, please visit: www.joyholisticwellness.com

You can also register via email: jody@ayuyogastudio.com