Holistic Activism The Yoga of Social Involvement with Alan Levin


UPDATED TIME Friday, March 9, 7-8pm (plus time for Q&A)


Single Class Fee: $20.00

Practices of meditation and yoga move us towards a condition of inner peace and compassion. Yet, it is difficult to not find ourselves in very reactive modes when facing the events of the world as seen in the daily news reports. In this short presentation, we will explore how heavy or contracted reactions in the body/mind can be doorways to a deeper awareness of the whole being that we are. Further, how the tools of yoga and meditation offer approaches to healing the world.

All holistic practices involve methods of deepening and expanding our awareness of the union of body, mind and spirit. Often overlooked, however, is the degree to which each of these elements is not limited to our individual sense of self. Our body is actually a part of the sea of atoms inter-related and exchanging locations all the time. Our minds, as well, are connected to the collective consciousness of all humans and all life. Spirit is within and throughout all that is. So how can we live a life that honors this awareness in a world gone mad?

To learn more about Alan, please visit: www.sacredriverhealing.org

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